Below are the most popular methods of Hair Extension applications.

Strand by Strand


Hairdreams is the most popular brand of pre-tipped hair extensions. Each strand is fitted with a fine, transparent, strong-adhesive Hairdreams’ special bond, which is similar to the natural molecular structure of your own hair. It provides optimal wearing comfort and maximum durability in any temperature and for all of your activities. All Hairdreams’ hair has some sort of wave pattern. However, the hair can be straightened and curled.

Pricing on Hairdreams varies, depending on your hair, length, and thickness you choose. The shorter or thicker the natural hair is, the more strands are needed to achieve a free flowing natural look. Hairdreams offers two qualities of hair. “Basic” Indonesian hair, which is recommended for single use and “Special” European hair, which can be re-tipped 3 times. Both hair types may be worn a maximum of 6 months before they should be removed.

Other brands of pre-tipped hair extensions that we offer include but are not limited to, Great Lengths, Socap, and Cinderella Hair.

Before extension placement.

125 bonds of 18 inch special hair.

Placed Hairdreams extension bonds.
The pre tipped bonds are about the
size of a long grain of rice.

After Hairdreams extension application.


Megahair – The Original Strand by Strand

Megahair is the original “Strand- by- Strand” hair extension method invented by Sal Mega in the early 80’s. Since then, the hair extension industry has progressed intensely with several companies’ piggy backing the Megahair method. With the highly developed hair extension market, I am able to offer versatility. Now hair extensions are usually made with a pre-tipped bond which is longer lasting and of better quality.

These methods of hair extensions use the general idea of the “Strand- by- Strand” method; however, each company has tweaked the application process making each one unique and different from one another.

Below is the original process of the “Strand by Strand” method….


4 oz. Italian hair

18 in. body wave texture hair

Like a diamond in the rough, I apply virgin European Remy hair, utilizing the famous “Strand by Strand” method, with a keratin-protein hair adhesive. Approximately 24 strands of extension hair are added to approximately 12 strands of your own natural hair, using a thermal molding process. The bonds are about the size of a shoelace end.

The bonds are placed in V or U shaped rows (depending on your head shape) across the nape, and straight across towards the top and sides of your scalp. In addition, using only full cuticle European hair will ensure you have the most natural flowing hair extensions available. Hair extensions that hang and move exactly like your own hair makes for a perfect match!

Also, using the “Strand by Stand” method allows your scalp to breathe.

Old school methods of applying extensions (i.e. weave, or track), virtually suffocate the scalp, because the extensions are placed directly on the scalp.

After application, before blending cut!

The final look after 2 short hours.
Wow! She looks fabulous!


“Seamless Hair” known as the cold method, can be applied to areas of the head not strong enough for ordinary extensions. For an example, high up on the temples, top of the head, or up to the anterior mid-scalp. This system requires no adhesives on the scalp, no weaving, braiding, clips, bonding, or chemicals. This system is completely seamless with no bumps.

You can wear your hair up or down.This method is ideal for those with thinning hair and for adding length or volume.

Seamless strips are flat, seamless polyurethane strips with double-sided tape. Seamless hair extensions are made from high quality Remy cuticle – 100% Human hair.

Virtually undetectable!

Having seamless extensions make such a big difference in what can be achieved with very short hair. Our preferred brand of Seamless hair, Ultress-Gemtress is available in 15 gorgeous colors and 4 textures. You may expect your extensions to last 5-7 weeks. The hair is then reusable. We also offer some other brands of seamless hair such as Hot Heads and Quikkies by Hairdreams.


Seamless Hair



Microlink hair extensions use pre-tipped hair extensions but rather than being bonded to the hair they are attached using a microlink or “micro-bead”.  Our microlinks have a silicone center so that they are very secure and prevent the extension hair from sliding out of the link. This method is great for adding length and fullness. These are not a good option for the top of the head or with extremely fine hair on the sides. Typically Great Lengths extensions are used with this technique.

Lace Front Unit

Provides an invisible hairline! Have you ever noticed Rupaul, Beyonce, Tyra Banks, or Lil Kim’s hair? These are lace front wigs/units. These wigs have been used by celebrities for some time, but are now being introduced to the general public. Lace Front Wigs are the hottest and latest trends hitting the Hollywood scene. These lace front wigs are 100% Human Remy hair.

Hand-tied to a lace base so that it looks as if hair is actually growing out the scalp. Virtually undetectable! This wig is comfortable and more natural than traditional hard front wigs. Several celebrities are wearing the lace front wig, which provides them the most natural appearance.

These wigs are versatile and can be colored and cut to suite your style. The full lace wig can be worn in high ponytails, flowing and/or parted in any direction you desire. If you experience thinning hair, alopecia /balding, are a Chemotherapy patient or just want to change your look, the front lace unit would be prefect for you. The units last for 4 weeks, the hair is then reusable. Pricing varies.

These hair extension methods provide the most comfortable and natural look available. Hair extensions continue to spread its popularity among our celebrities and fashion industry. Look closely, because beautiful hair doesn’t just happen! THE SECRET IS OUT!